Trucks Of Yesteryear: Collector’s Corner


Our Trucks of Yesteryear series has certainly struck a chord with our trucking community, with it gaining lots of fans in the past several months.

We are often asked by people looking for their next restoration whether we are aware of any good opportunities… We’ve scoured our site and come up with this list of trucks that are ripe for the picking and will come up wonderfully with a little TLC.

1989 Mitsubishi FK415 Pantech

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want a truck that looks like a giant milk carton? This 1989 truck let’s you do just that. Ironically, it is not a refrigerated truck! It offers little as a historial reclamation job, but would be fun to own. Read more here.


1976 Kenworth W900 Primemover 2

This 1976 Kenworth W923 is a little beauty! Ready for a continued life on the roads, this is one very nice and tidy truck that will require minimal work only!


Pack it all in on this 1984 Mack tray. Still running well, it needs some TLC, including a paint job, but for the price, it’s well worth it. Well worth a look.


This 1984 International Concrete Boom is definitely ready for action. Whilst not so much of a collector’s dream, with a 30 plus year old heritage, it would have some stories to tell.


This grand old Kenworth W Model from 1970, is close to being a collector’s dream. With an aggressive “price to sell”, this old heavy towing vehicle could present quite nicely with some work.


One for the brave, this 1975 International Acco would present a fine challenge for any truck restorer. Operating mechanically, this is an interesting truck!

With an ever-evolving selection of equipment on sale, our Truck Dealers Australia website is an ideal location to start looking for that antique\vintage truck that will help you scratch that restoration itch you have. Happy buying!